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Creating your best art

Updated: Jan 1

Invision Media Wine Videography Shoot

Art is not about the finest gear, the moody vibes or the perfect colors.

We live in a world full of influencers on Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, now Facebook and many other social media platforms. If we aren't careful our innovative minds and creative artwork can become over-influenced by others.

As a young photographer, I spent countless hours educating myself on Youtube by researching photography tips and classes. I learned endless amounts of tools but day after day I found myself paralyzed in the comparison game. I laid in bed questioning my ability overall as an artist and wondered if I had anything to contribute to the community. I felt Frozen by the level of skill of these great photographers even though these artists have been snapping pictures for years. I caught myself editing like the influencers I studied and eventually desired to purchase only the best and top-of-the-line gear thinking this was the key to creating the best art.

The conversation that's overlooked in today's world saturated by influencers is, not becoming over-influenced by others. Instead, navigate an artistic style that is true to who you are and unique to the artist that you were created to be.

One example in the world of art based in Chicago is, Theaster Gates. He has created his unique artistic style by recirculating old materials, "creating sculptures with clay, tar, and renovated buildings, transforming the raw material of urban neighborhoods into radically reimagined vessels of opportunity for the community."

The greatest artists utilize the materials that surround them and develop their own unique style.

Photographers, use that camera that is 5-10 years old to create art. Be inspired by others but don't become consumed by others.

Learn to create art that drives emotions and feelings and speaks for itself when an individual views it. Once this is accomplished, you are now producing your best artwork.

The best art is created when the audience can see, hear, or feel the creator's heart or message behind the piece.

Early development writing Nov 2019

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