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Creative Social Media Slump

Updated: Jan 1

Every minute, thousands of photographers are hurrying to upload their most recent photograph onto social media. 3 Steps to avoid feeling defeated by social media

1.) Don't rush the process

The reality is someone, has already captured a similar image, and it's already been posted and shared with thousands of viewers on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

How does this impact you as a photographer? Social media can rob creatives like you from enjoying every moment of the process. The comparison game is my greatest challenge and I often compare myself to photographers on social media that have been taking pictures for years and sometimes even decades.

2.) Take a break from it if you need.

This is a necessity for your development and journey with photography. As you capture images over time, your perspective behind the lens will change. With this, your perspective on life will also develop as you progress in understanding and capturing powerful moments. Try not to allow social media to impact your development and journey with photography.

3.) Take pictures of everything and document each moment including the date and time.

Keep those somewhere to revisit them every several months, and remember the process you are a part of. Watch how your perspective over time progresses and embrace the growth. Look at how your lighting has changed, your color temperatures, and how you have captured your subjects.

creative social media slump

For example, the picture shown above is one of the first pictures I took with my first camera on the road with my first career, as I just began to understand how to control lighting. There are imperfections in this image and to the viewer it might be nothing special however, it means something to me as a photographer.

As you capture powerful moments such as weddings, special events, and storms you will learn what life means to you behind the lens.

My hope for you is that overtime you would begin to balance how different things can impact your perspective with, and without a lens.

Be inspired by others, but be unique within your own creativeness and gifts.

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