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Product photography marketing could help drive some traffic you're missing

Updated: Jan 1

The internet is saturated with millions of businesses fighting to sell that their product rises above... 3 reasons why great product photography marketing will attract your audience's eyes now.

1. Product pictures allow the product to speak for itself

- Grabbing the attention of the viewer and pulling them in. Adding images increases your audience's willingness to read your content by 80%. In a world where everyone believes they are professional marketers, visual content on your page is vital.

2. Advertising images give you the upper hand in local searches

- 60% of consumers are more likely to contact an organization with an image presented in the search results. Once upon a time, we lived in the Yellow Pages, but now businesses market and compete on the web, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

3. Product images make consumers take action

- Listings with only one image had two times the conversion rate than those with zero images presented. This will lead to engagement and heighten the chances of producing more income for your business.

Spending your budget on product images will capture the eye of your audience and has been proven to increase your overall sales.

Product photography wine company in Newberg, Oregon

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